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The Waterford Dentist: Your Home for Quality Dental Care

Now open Saturdays for your convenience! Welcome to The Waterford Dentist right here in beautiful Waterford, Michigan. Our office is home to two of the highest quality dentists in Michigan: Dr. Heuerman and Dr. Ratz. Together with the rest of our incredibly talented team, we bring years of experience and expertise to provide you the best dental experience you've ever had!

Afraid of the dentist? That's ok! We offer quality sedation options that will help you relax and have a fantastic appointment! Haven't been to the dentist in years? That's ok, too! You will never hear a lecture or scolding from us! We are happy that you want to improve your smile, and you've come to the right place.

We specialize in difficult cosmetic and orthodontic cases. We know what it takes to treat the problems that hit smiles at all ages. In fact, you can come in with your entire family, and we will be able to treat each and every smile in your crew. We will even offer a warranty on our work so you never have to worry about failed dental work again!

You are looking for a dentist who can treat patients from bouncing babies to grandparents, and we can do just that! We make it as easy as possible by accepting most insurances and offering great financing plans through programs like CareCredit.

Don't go any further in your search for the right dentist for your family, because we are the office you've been looking for! Set up your first appointment or consultation today to see what all the fuss is about!

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  Tooth loss will affect around 60 percent of us in our lifetimes that’s two out of three people. The odds that you’ll keep all of your teeth are definitely not in your favor, so what are your options when the (not always) inevitable happens? Everyone’s dream, of course, would be to simply regrow their … Continue reading Could You Really Regrow A Lost Tooth?

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Having pain in your teeth, jaw, or gums? Dental pain is some of the worst you can experience, if not in intensity then definitely in how greatly it draws your attention! Not only is a toothache miserable, but it’s also stressful as well who knows what’s causing it? The Waterford Dentist knows, and that’s why … Continue reading What’s The Cause Of Your Toothache?

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