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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

If you have severely damaged teeth, advanced gum disease, or several missing teeth, consider a full mouth reconstruction . Unsightly teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious. Some end up smiling less or hiding their smile behind their hand because of bad teeth. The good news is that here at The Waterford Dentist, we can restore your smile's health and beauty.

No matter the damage, Dr. Heuerman and Dr. Ratz can help you finally achieve your dream smile. Full mouth reconstruction involves a series of procedures. Before performing cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers, we will first remove decay, treat gum disease, repair damage, and correct your bad bite.

For many patients, full mouth reconstruction is a life-changing treatment. The complete smile transformation helps them enjoy life again, allowing them to be free from mouth pain and discomfort, eat the food they love, regain confidence, and look years younger.

Full mouth reconstruction can benefit patients with several eroded, damaged, or broken teeth and those with frequent headaches and jaw pain. A bad bite, advanced gum disease, severe teeth stains and discoloration, as well as uneven, crooked, or crowded teeth can also benefit.

To begin the full mouth restoration , Dr. Heuerman and Dr. Ratz will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw, and surrounding areas. The initial evaluation is also a great time to discuss your needs and goals. From the discussion and the results of the evaluation, they will create a custom treatment plan. In general, Dr. Heuerman and Dr. Ratz will first treat dental issues that need immediate attention such as infection, toothache, broken teeth, and bleeding.

Full mouth reconstruction can transform your smile and your life! Learn more about the procedure by calling our Waterford, MI dental office at 248-461-3764 or by filling out the online form here.